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the second part of my fashion contest entries is over! this time with a whole different location and model! there weren’t a lot of places to work with in the trails around my barn, but i think we found a few great places that made it work! it’s definitely going to be really hard to pick which three pictures i’m going to use because a lot of them are SO great! i’m starting to really enjoy this fashion~ like photography, and hopefully more to come!

MODEL: Peyton

LOCATION: Sycamore Trails





the most recent equine-related photoshoot i’ve done, and this one was with little maddie and her pony cailin. i really love this pair, they’re very adorable together and this entire shoot was full of adorable. I have a shoot planned with her entire family later this month, the first full family shoot i’ve done so i’m looking forward to it!

alexfinal_day2_edited-10 alexfinal_day2_edited-16 alexfinal_day2_edited-20 alexfinal_day2_edited-22 alexfinal_day2_edited-27 alexfinal_day2_edited-31


Not the ideal conditions what so ever, but I think we managed. It was completely foggy and overcast, not to mention the typhoon winds. We did drive around a bit to find a random piece of beach down from the pier and got the last of the sun that was hidden behind the clouds, at least. One more day of photography for my final!