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I got to squeeze in one last photoshoot before I left for Georgia again! College here I come. Second time photographing these two, so it was really cool to see an improvement.


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Wow! Aren’t these two just absolutely beautiful? I think, hands down, this is my most favorite photoshoot I have done so far. Everything just came together so well, and it’s just a HUGE improvement from what I’ve previously done, I just cant believe it!




this blog is rather new for me photography wise so i decided to look back at the first photoshoot i’ve ever done that was actually paid and it’s crazy looking back and how much i’ve improved. but this shoot was still fun, and the horse, jewel, was extremely photogenic (when she wanted to be!) and really marked the beginning of something great for me in the portrait world.

MODEL: Megan & Jewel

LOCATION: Sycamore Trails